Park Rules and Regulations

All plants, animals, rocks, and historic objects are protected by law to maintain the uniqueness of the park. Thousands of visitors from around the world visit during the wildflower season, so please follow these rules to keep the park beautiful. Violating these rules may result in a citation.

Stay on the official trails!

You may be fined for walking into the wildflower fields. Stepping on plants kills them, creating patches of bare dirt. Walking on already-damaged areas will make them worse. 

Do not pick any flowers.

Wildflower areas are becoming increasingly rare. This park was created to protect ALL wildflowers, and you may be cited for picking or collecting. Every flower produces seeds for future blooms; please do not destroy them.

Dogs/pets are prohibited.

Domestic animals are not permitted in a State Reserve. They may not go beyond the parking lot, and must be accompanied at all times. ADA Service Dogs are allowed. Emotional support animals and small dog carriers are not exceptions. 

No smoking, eating, or bike riding on trails.

Eating is only allowed in the designated picnic area and parking lots. Smoking is only allowed in parking lots. Dispose of butts in the trash bin; please be sure they are fully extinguished. Barbecues and open flame are not permitted due to high fire danger.

Commercial & Student Filming/Photography

A permit is required for any commercial, for-profit, student project, documentary, and news feature filming and photography. For permits or information, email

Scattering Ashes

Please check in at the visitor center for permit information and instructions, or call Tehachapi District Office at (661) 724-1206 to make advance arrangements.

The front gate is the only entrance.

Entry from anywhere other than the entrance road will result in a citation. Visitors may walk in on the paved entrance road for free; check signs on Lancaster Road for legal parking areas. Do not walk through fields.

Drone-Free Zone.

Drones are prohibited by Posted Order in the parks of the Tehachapi District due to visitors’ expectations of privacy, fire danger, and negative impacts on protected wildlife and migrating birds. Contact Tehachapi District Office for more info.

Do not litter.

There are no trash cans on the trails, so pack out your trash. Wind can be strong and sudden so hold onto cups, napkins and wrappers. Please help us to keep the trails and all other areas litter-free.

15 MPH speed limit.

Drive slowly on the entire park road and in parking lots. Stopping/parking for viewing is not allowed anywhere along the park road.

The park is open sunrise to sunset.


There are rattlesnakes in the fields!

They will only harm you if scared. Be safe: stay on trails, and look ahead of you. If you encounter a snake, back away slowly and warn other visitors, until the snake moves away. All snakes are important to the environment and protected.   

This is a desert.

Wear sun protection, layer clothing, and drink water on the trails. Despite the fields of wildflowers, this is a desert, and visitors can unexpectedly become dehydrated and sun burnt in the dry winds. The weather can quickly change, so bring a jacket when you go for a walk on the trails.