Habitat Damage

Please, do not walk off of the official trails!

Bare patches of dirt like this are caused when people start with a small step out into the flowers, or sit among the plants, for a picture. Poppy plants that are sat upon or stepped on will wilt and die by the next day. Even if carefully walking between the plants, the poppies' roots are crushed under the soil and smaller plants are flattened, and within a week a hardened dirt trail will be visible.

Subsequent visitors then walk where damage has started, thinking it's ok if someone else did it first- which further compacts the soil. A scar in the habitat is now created that will be visible for years to come, where the roots of new plants can't easily break into the hardened soil.

Please do not contribute to the damage begun by ignorant park users. Stay on the official trails for photos, and allow the habitat a chance to heal.